We are all generally want to eat healthily but how do we ensure that this happens and how do we build the foundations to teach children about the benefits of healthy eating. There are so many different approaches out there that are sold to us as being the right one to ensure we are getting all the best nutrients whether you chose to eat a meat, fish or plant-based diet or a combination of all. It could be that you are gluten or lactose intolerant, diabetic or have other food allergies or intolerances which override any food trends, of course. We all have our own set of beliefs of what constitutes a healthy diet and we often pass these beliefs on to our children but when would or should they make their own choices?

Whether you chose to follow Annabel Karmel, Lizzie King or Lucinda Miller or adapt a recipe from the ever growing list of cooks/influencers, etc., it is important that we chose something that fits our lifestyles and ensures we eat nutritionally balanced meals and teach children how important this is (in conjunction with being active). Making home-cooked balanced meals an everyday part of life and, as they get older, teaching them how to cook from scratch rather than relying on jars (we all have run out of time and energy and relied on them so there is no shame in this on the odd occasion) in the main would be a sound first step.

Each Monday we pop a link to a recipe you might like to attempt at home/work and try and vary these as much as possible to include dietary needs/preferences. Feel free to share with us any favourite recipes or sites/food bloggers that you feel others might find useful. We’d love some new ideas.