Nursery Duties

Nursery duties relate to anything involving the child’s well being

They may include:

  • Children’s laundry (washing, ironing and placing any clothes that may have been outgrown to one side)
  • General tidiness of the rooms used by the children on a daily basis
  • Keeping the toys in a hygienic state
  • Organising age appropriate activities, such as music classes, swimming etc. Planning play dates and also ensuring the children have quiet times.
  • Dressing and bathing the children
  • Providing feedback to the family at the end of each day, perhaps keeping a daily diary.
  • Homework supervision
  • Providing well balanced, nutritious meals
  • School and nursery runs
  • Stimulation of the children, mentally and physically
  • Creative, fun and educational play
  • Liaising with the school on behalf of the parents

A nanny does not take on any cleaning duties aside from the children’s rooms unless pre-arranged between themselves and the family.