Both nannies and parents alike recognise the value of the Enhanced Level DBS (Disclosure and Baring Service) being subscribed to the Update Service but there still some misconceptions and some gaps in the knowledge which we are hoping to address with this short blog.

An Enhanced level DBS (Child Workforce) subscribed to the Update Service ensures that a candidate can support their application to work with children and it provides the opportunity for employers to fulfil their safeguarding protocols. The DBS Certificate will be kept up to date and employers can check a certificate online with the candidate’s consent.

You can use your certificate again when you apply for a position within the same workforce, where the same type and level of check is required. Please note that you cannot swap from a volunteer application to a paid for application. A new DBS would need to be obtained.

Currently, candidates are unable to obtain this level of check directly from the Police and need to obtain it via an agency that is able to verify their ID. Candidates typically need to provide three - five forms of ID depending on the type of ID provided as well as list all addresses they have lived at for the past five years from the date of application. Should an individual have worked abroad or hail from outside the UK then it is advisable to obtain a Police clearance from the country they have lived/worked in or their country of origin as appropriate.

A candidate would sign themselves up to the Update Service which is payable on an annual subscription basis - currently £13 payable by debit or credit card. The certificate will remain active and portable assuming that the candidate remains within the same workforce (Child Workforce), the annual subscription is maintained, the certificate is not lost/destroyed and that the candidate does not change their name.

It is possible for candidates to sign up to the Update Service either when they first apply for the DBS using the Application Number (obtainable from the organisation where the application is made or once the DBS Certificate is received by using the certificate number but then must join the Update Service within 30 days of the ‘date of issue’ displayed on the certificate.

When candidates share this information with agencies and prospective employers they will need to show the original certificate and thereby release the certificate number, their name and date of birth and the employer would use this to verify them on the DBS database.

Please note that any checks require your permission. Candidates are also given subscription numbers when they sign up to the Update Service but this is personal to them and should remain secure and should not be shared with others.

We value the importance of safeguarding and appreciate the peace of mind an Enhanced Level DBS offers hence we also offer the possibility of obtaining an Enhanced Level DBS through us regardless of whether or not a candidate is registered with us or if you are a parent about to employ a nanny not placed by us. We levy a charge for this service which would need to be added to the cost of the DBS check. The £13 for the Update Service would be payable once the candidate signs up.

We hope the above provides some clarity on the DBS and the Update Service but should you require any further info either contact us or the DBS directly on 03000 200 190 or